Sunday, July 27, 2008

Doug Brolus, Bodybuilder

This was my second story in the Free Press and my first in the sports section. And what an interesting story it was. I first recieved the story from my mentor excited and ready to go. I went to Mr. Brolus' house and saw two old men in a basement full of weights. Instantly, Brolus starts talking my ear off. I end the interview and go back to the office. I did some research on him and couldn't find anything he had stated in the interview. He said he was published in magazines and took pictures for magazines among other things. I couldn't find anything. I started to think this guy was a fake and pulling everyones leg. I contacted Brolus and asked for proof of the magazine publishings and he said he only had one copy of it and didn't want to send it in. Things started getting more and more suspicious. Eventually he sent me a copy of it and I had what I needed to write the story. So here it is, 49-year-old Doug Brolus, a work out machine.

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Unknown said...

I know Doug from the old Neighborhood. Lived on
Bishop off Warren. Nice guy. I think he owns a landscaping company.